Tree Surgeons and Tree surgery in Essex

Welcome to Essex Trees, our expert tree surgeons specialise in tree care services, maintanence and removal of mature trees in an urban environment for both domestic and commercial clients in Essex and London.

If light issues and safety concerns are relevant to your location then Essex Trees have the skills and experience to address your tree surgery concerns. Operating out of our yard in Stock, Ingatestone we cover tree work and tree maintenance in Chelmsford, Billericay, Brentwood and surrounds for domestic clients and for commercial tree contracts we cover both Essex and London.

Our team of commited arborists have developed skills from working in teams across Europe, from street trees in Stockholm Sweden to working on mature oaks at the Durrel wildlife centre in Jersey. This experience combined with our investment into equipment and machinery allows us to provide our customers with cost effective tree surgery solutions and results.

All of our operatives are NPTC qualified and fully insured with up to £5million public liability cover.

Tree Removals

Tree Removal Essex from NPTC qualified tree surgeons

The complete removal of an unwanted tree by our expert tree surgeons, this could be for several reasons such as to allow light through or because the tree is dead or dying making it dangerous to it's surroundings. Essex Trees have many years of experience in the removal of often very large or decayed trees and can accommodate their removal even in awkward or restricted access areas.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting Service available across Essex

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest tree branches providing uniform height from the ground. This is usually to allow light through or to clear the way for access.

Crown Thining

Crown Thinning Tree services

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches and stems for increased light and air movement throughout the crown area of the tree improving the tree's structure.

Straight Felling

Straight Felling of Trees in Essex

The straight fell of trees is the removal of trees as a single unit by our tree surgeons, this is usually limited to situations where there is plenty of surrounding space and the tree poses no risk of damage to any property or other trees.


Pollarding Trees in Billericay

Pollarding is a long established tree surgery technique for pruning that helps keep trees and shrubs a smaller height or width than they would normally grow to. It is commonly performed when a tree or shrub reaches a required height, following this, yearly pollarding will keep the tree at that height.

Sectional Felling

Sectional Tree Felling in Brentwood

This involves the removal of part or all of the tree by our tree surgeons who dissect it into smaller sections, these are then either free felled depending on the surrounding space, or brought down with the use of specialist equipment.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grining Service in Essex

Stump grinding is the process of removing dead tree stumps down to an average depth of up to 20 inches below ground level.