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Tree Pruning and Thinning Services in Essex

Tree Pruning and Thinning Services from Essex Trees

The growth of a tree can be altered by removing or cutting branches, therefore a valid reason should always justify any pruning or branch removal This could be to remove a hazardous or dead branch or one that is rubbing against something, or in some cases to allow light or air greater reach into the tree’s crown or the area below and surrounding the tree.

Healthy trees do not necessarily need regular pruning or thinning, in fact heavy pruning can cause stress to the tree and reduce its ability to produce the sugar it needs to grow and maintain good health.

Tree Pruning can be carried out at any time of the year, however to maximise growth and minimise harm to the tree the best time of year to prune is before spring when it’s biggest growth flush occurs. Following this period it is advisable not to prune heavily as removal of the new shoots and foliage at this time can cause stress to the tree.

Amounts to remove during pruning are dependent on the species of tree, its age and size in addition to the objective for the reduction Mature trees don’t take as well to larger amounts of removal as younger trees can, and it is worth remembering that a tree will recover quicker from the removal of several small limbs than from one large single one.