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Tree Pollarding Services from Essex Trees

Pollarding, a technique dating back hundreds of years is the process of cutting the crown of the tree back to the trunk. This style of tree surgery allows new branches to sprout from the pollarding cuts, creating a 'knuckle' shape with the tree.

The most common reason for pollarding is to restrict the tree from outgrowing it's position due to the tree's proximity to buildings and overhead cables or to control the volume of shade being cast.

Benefits of pollarding include the slowing of root growth and with regular pollarding trees are less prone to disease.

The winter months are the ideal time to pollard when branches are bare and stress is minimised due to reduced sap loss.

Certain tree types benefit most from pollarding due to a weak growth style, these include Poplar and Willow, once pollarding has been carried out it is recommendable to repeat the process on a five to seven year cycle.

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